I am a poet, translator and tutor based in London.

Breaking news: my newest book, The Glimmer, will be published by Bloodaxe Books on September 15, 2022!

The Taxidermist, a pamphlet, was published by Verve Poetry Press in October 2020.
My debut collection The Art of Scratching was published by Bloodaxe Books in 2015, and my first pamphlet, The Courtesans Reply was published by flipped eye in 2012.

"Shazea Quraishi’s first collection, The Art of Scratching, reveals the poet’s flair for re-imagining and feminising historical texts, and for inventing her own edgy fables of family life and childhood"
Carol Rumens in Poem of the Week, the Guardian
"Shazea Quraishi, in The Courtesans Reply, sensitively reconstructs an unfamiliar and vanished culture. Working from historical and literary sources, Quraishi never allows her research to speak louder than the human voices of her characters, a community of courtesans in Ancient India. Their individual feelings and desires emerge through lines which are simultaneously spare and sensuous."
Richard O’Brien, Poetry London